Employee Health and Safety Go Hand In Hand

by | Jun 14, 2022 | Blogs

Preventing workplace incidents and staying compliant with safety regulations requires an intentional and ongoing effort. You need to create and build awareness of safety procedures and protocols so your employees can reduce their risk of accidents and injuries.

With Employee Health & Safety from Paul Donas, LLC, your employees will have access to safety compliance training and information along with your HR and compliance tools and resources, backed by personalized advice from HR and safety experts. You’ll be able to reduce their risk of safety incidents and ensure compliance with HR and safety regulations, while saving them money spent on nonintegrated safety resources and increasing their organizational health.

Create a safe workplace with Employee Health & Safety

Get personalized guidance from certified Safety Experts regarding workplace safety standards and requirements.

  • Educate employees with safety training, toolbox talks and more, all approved by subject matter experts.
  • Easily create safety policies and share them with employees, customers, and more.

The Employee Health & Safety Partner package includes the following for 20 safety topics:

  • Personalized advice from a certified safety expert
  • Access a library of safety plans and policies as well as classroom training presentations
  • Engage your employees with microlearning training courses, 5-minute toolbox talks to promote a culture of safety
  • Easily share safety practices with stakeholders with a downloadable safety manual template.

The total cost of work injuries in 2019 was $171.0 billion. Days lost due to injuries in 2019 totaled 70,000,000.

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