Find out how employee morale and productivity are linked

by | Jul 18, 2022 | Blogs

It is safe to say that the epidemic put businesses of all sizes to the test.

In February 2022, Mineral conducted a survey of 2,644 senior HR professionals in the United States to better understand how HR has dealt with pandemic-related difficulties and what the business consequences have been. While the epidemic was going on, we were able to determine what some HR directors did differently that resulted in better growth for their companies.

Revenue and productivity rose for some companies, while others battled to stay in balance. HR measures including morale and the capacity to hire have fallen or remained static even while companies are climbing the route to financial recovery, according to our analysis. Employee morale has only risen in 38% of firms in the last year, and more than half report that morale is at or below pre-pandemic levels. only 38%

The companies that prospered during the epidemic and those that prospered after the pandemic were found to have striking similarities. In a nutshell, they’re excellent at HR.

The results of this poll shed light on the importance of high staff morale for the success of a company. Download report below to learn more about the most prevalent challenges, the importance of compliance, and the measures that your customers can take to achieve Healthy HR success.



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