Guided HR Compliance

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Shift your HR and compliance from reactive to proactive

Scrambling to keep up with constantly changing regulations can cost your company time, effort and money. But how do you know where to begin? What if you miss something important? No more playing HR and compliance catch-up. With Guided HR Compliance, you’ll benefit from tailored HR expertise from a Dedicated HR Expert and the tools you need to be confident and proactive with HR and compliance including Workplace Harassment Prevention training.

Dedicated HR Expert

All of the power of legal and HR expertise led by a dedicated expert who understands the complexities of your organization. Your Dedicated HR Expert acts as an extension of your HR team through an ongoing, consultative partnership.

  • Consultative partner
  • Compliance audit
  • Tailored action plan
  • Quarterly review

Workplace Harassment Prevention

Take proactive steps against workplace harassment with employee training. Your Dedicated HR Expert will help create an employee learning approach and support you with materials and questions, as they arise.

  • Meet state training mandates
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion courses
  • Easily assign and track completions
  • Course recommendations

Identify and remove your HR and compliance gaps.

Each organization is unique and your HR and compliance needs change over time. As part of Guided HR Compliance, your Dedicated HR Expert will assess your HR and compliance health, develop an action plan and provide the tools, resources and expertise needed to get on track and stay ahead. Through an ongoing partnership, your dedicated expert will help you navigate issues as they pop up and continue to help you get to a strategic and proactive HR program.


Stage 1
Foundational Basics

  • Gap analysis
  • HR Action plan
  • Employee handbook
  • Workplace postings

Stage 2
Improving HR and Compliance

  • Employee record retention
  • Annual reporting obligation (e.g., ACA, OSHA, EEO-1)
  • Employee investigation practices
  • Exit interview program

Stage 3
Proactive and Strategic HR

  • Succession planning
  • Employee engagement survey
  • Core values, mission and vision
  • Coaching managers through terminations


Stage 1
Foundational Basics

  • Job application and descriptions
  • New hire forms and letters
  • Payroll deductions
  • Wage and hour training

Stage 2
Improving HR and Compliance

  • Background check compliance
  • Commission and bonus pay
  • Custom onboarding
  • Onboarding checklist

Stage 3
Proactive and Strategic HR

  • Recruiting strategies
  • Biases in recruiting
  • Coaching managers through hiring
  • Fair pay and compensation


Stage 1
Foundational Basics

  • Workplace harassment training
  • Sick leave laws
  • Leaves compliance and eligibility
  • Performance review cycle

Stage 2
Improving HR and Compliance

  • Performance improvement plans (PIP)
  • Mentorship program
  • Empowering employees to lead
  • Progressive discipline

Stage 3
Proactive and Strategic HR

  • Career planning program
  • Employee goal setting
  • Variable pay incentive plan
  • Employee recognition programs

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