How to Streamline Open Enrollment with Technology

by | Dec 2, 2021 | Blogs

Open enrollment represents that period of time when benefits brokers truly earn their keep. Even during the months leading up to open enrollment, brokers have to put a ton of time and effort into preparations. Are you preparing for what you know is coming in November? And if so, is new technology part of your preparations?

Technology gives brokers and general agencies alike the opportunity to streamline open enrollment like never before. Needless to say, the days of phone calls and paper documents are long gone. Not only can we communicate online and create digital documents, the entire quote and enrollment process can now be completed digitally. You just need the right software tools and a strong general agency to support you.

BenefitMall should be your general agency for the simple fact that we offer both the technology and support you need to succeed. With our software tools in hand and a live support team backing you up, streamlining open enrollment will make the entire process more efficient and productive.

Leveraging Data for Your Clients

Most of your existing clients are going to want to see hard numbers before they make their 2022 selections. And of course, all of those new customers will need a ton of data before they can make informed decisions. The right software gives you all the data you need in one place. You can provide clients with historic price information, statistics on group enrollment, and more.

Remember that the strength of your data is the foundation of your quoting ability. As a general agency, we represent over a hundred carriers. You need access to in-depth data from all of them in a single place. Otherwise, you will be spending more time looking for numbers and less time advising your clients.

Digital Tools for Your Clients

Speaking of advising with your clients, our software lets you communicate with them efficiently and seamlessly. But we go further than that. We offer a suite of client tools that streamline open enrollment by giving your clients access to enrollment decisions online.

With an online account, your clients can view all the quotes you put together for them. They can look at the data you supply to their heart’s content. When they are ready to make a choice, they can enroll online as well. Everything is at their fingertips for the greatest possible efficiency.

Meanwhile, you are interacting with clients in the same platform. Though there is still room for face-to-face meetings and live telephone calls, online interaction is more efficient when clients just need a question or two answered. Our software makes it possible.

Manage Your Entire Agency

The icing on the technology cake is our Agency Workspace platform. This is an all-in-one platform that allows you to manage your entire agency online. You can do everything from researching carriers to preparing quotes to facilitating enrollment through Agency Workspace.

Having a single platform eliminates the need for multiple software packages. And because our platform is hosted in the cloud and is subscription-based, we handle all software security and upgrades. You are completely free to forget about software administration and serve your clients instead. We keep Agency Workspace up and running 24/7.

The whole point of embracing technology is to improve efficiency. With the right technology, streamlining open enrollment is a breeze. Think about that over the next several months as you prepare for what you know is coming. But don’t wait too long to jump on the technology train. The sooner you begin implementing the right technologies, the more streamlined this year’s open enrollment will be.


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