Podcast: The business case for behavioral health

by | Feb 21, 2022 | Blogs

Episode Details:

CEOs from the American Psychological Association and MaineHealth join host Clare Morin to discuss why investing in behavioral health in 2022 is not just good for your employees but also good for your business.

  • The psychological fallout of the pandemic has only just begun. The pandemic unleashed a tsunami of stress that will continue to be felt even once COVID-19 is gone. [3:50]
  • This is a long-term project for employers. Military studies have shown that people who experience traumatic events often don’t show signs of stress and anxiety until 18 months after the event had taken place. [5:40] “This is going to go on for years.” (7:00)
  • Behavioral health is a huge factor in retention. Employees who report feeling stressed at work are three times more likely to look for other jobs than those who do not report feeling stressed. [8:00]
  • Leaders should set the tone. It’s important for leaders to create space for employees to seek help by sharing their own struggles and showing vulnerability. [10:25]
  • Make resources easy to find. For resources to be effective, employees must be able to use them. Ensure they are accessible, intuitive, and ideally available on demand. [12:00]
  • Early intervention saves lives and money. Mental health is a continuum and it’s more humane and more cost-effective to intervene before an employee is in crisis. [13:15]
  • Ensure employees feel heard when making major decisions. Mental health problems are often caused by a feeling of a lack of control. Giving employees choices and input into decisions reduces stress. [14:40]
  • Showing care can help employers compete. “It’s a huge strategic opportunity for employers to demonstrate genuine and authentic caring as a retention, as a recruitment, as a development opportunity,” says Dr. Andrew Mueller, CEO of MaineHealth. [18:40]
  • This crisis is manageable. “If we create work environments that are supportive of mental health, making sure they have access to services when they need them, it can make all the difference for your employees,” says Dr. Evans. [20:15]

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