The Private Employer Vaccine Mandate Has Been Withdrawn. Now What?

by | Feb 8, 2022 | Blogs

Employers across the country have been watching closely to learn whether and when they would need to comply with federal mandates requiring COVID-19 vaccinations or tests for employees. Earlier this month, your clients got some answers — but no simple path forward.

Here are some resources to clarify the current mandate landscape and to help your clients make informed decisions about keeping their workplaces safe through the lingering pandemic.

Podcast: What’s next now that OSHA has withdrawn its Emergency Temporary Standard?
After the Supreme Court stayed the private employer vaccine mandate, OSHA withdrew its Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) while it works on a permanent rule. In the meantime, employers remain responsible for keeping employees safe from COVID-19 at work. Ellen McCann joins us in the HR Trends studio to discuss this latest development.
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Vaccine mandates: The current landscape
While the private employer ETS has been withdrawn, the Supreme Court recently allowed the health care employer mandate to move forward, and the federal contractor mandate is still being litigated. We’ve refreshed our information page with the latest information on the mandates, including a comprehensive list of FAQs.
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Unum Vaccine Verifier™
Even after the ETS withdrawal, the general duty clause under the Occupational Health and Safety Act requires employers to provide a safe workplace. And many employers are still required to ensure that employees be vaccinated or tested, including most health care employers and others under state or local mandates. It’s also important to note this does not prevent most employers from having their own vaccine-requirement policies, which can help keep employees safe and comfortable at work — especially important given the high number of workplace absences and incredible loss of life we’ve seen.

Unum Vaccine Verifier is a simple online tool that can help your clients meet this complex challenge, by managing vaccination status, exemption requests and testing compliance all in one place.
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